zclassic Zclassic: Jan 2023 Update Multi-Year Review

Jan 2023 Update / Timeline / Roadmap

2016- Onward

The Zclassic Genesis Block was mined Nov 6, 2016. The blockchain has now been running 100% PoW mined for over 6 years with no major known issues or disruptions. Blocks are mined continuously approximately every 70 seconds. People use Zclassic every hour of every day, public transactions are visible on the blockchain. https://explorer.zcl.zelcore.io/blocks

2020: Zefi Burn

https://zefi.network/ - Zefi Network initiative did a Coin Burn and 390,096.75420564 $ZCL were forever burned at this address t1ZefiGenesisBootstrapBURNxxxyfs71k Development was started on an initiative to make Zclassic Cross Chain
Zefi Token on Eth: Zefi Eth
Zefi Token on Tron: Zefi Tron
Zefi is Cross Chain

Jan 8 2023

Code for "8ball" was announced via serveral immutable arweave links using git-SHA256.
Note: it is not possible to host git-SHA256 repositories on Github, Gitlab, etc.
"8ball" is the first known implementation of GG20 One-Round Threshold Signatures with Keygen over a public Blockchain
8ball is based on the latest Cosmos SDK technology
The decentralized 8ball cosmos network can coordinate and generate shared elliptic points on the Secp256k1 curve.
Such points can be used as private keys and addresses can be derived on the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Dodegecoin, Litecoin, Zclassic... and hundreds of other networks that use the Secp256k1 elliptic curve for their addresses.
8ball magic address transactions use the lowest possible amount of gas because they appear as single simple transactions and not multisig or script.

8ball 8ball.tar.gz

pool.hall pool.hall.tar.gz

spirits spirits.tar.gz

What is Next?

8ball network has still not launched. 8ball tokens will be bootstrapped from a $ZEFI and $ZCL combined ongoing burn
For example: when $ZEFI sent is to "0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead"
like this 100,000 $ZEFI BURNED
100,000 8ball will be sent to an address that can be controlled using the same private key that was used on ethereum.
You control your own private keys always, do not lose them.